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OPTION 1 – Electronic Script Request Only

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I request a digital copy of the script/libretto from "The Monster of Phantom Lake: The Musical!"
I understand that the electronic script that I will receive will be in a copy-protected PDF format, which means printing and editing features will be disabled.
I certify that I currently serve (or will serve in the near future) as a theatrical director/assistant, teacher, board member, script-reading committee member, or in a similar position where my judgement of a script influences or determines the shows that my organization/school will produce. The licensing/rights managers for "The Monster of Phantom Lake" may choose to verify the details of my request and deny it if deemed necessary at their sole discretion.

OPTION 2 – Physical Script and/or License/Quote Request

(Check one or both. Requesting a license does not commit you to anything.)
Script for PerusalPerformance License Contract (includes rental/royalty price quote)

(If you are only requesting a perusal script at this time, you may skip this section.)

TERMS OF PERUSAL REQUEST: Upon completion of the form above, we will send you one (1) Libretto/Vocal Book (script) to examine and share with your script-reading committee or production team in order to decide whether the show will work for your organization. You may keep this script for evaluation for up to ninety (90) days.  At the end of those ninety days, you must return the script to us in good condition (normal wear-and-tear is expected). If your perusal script has not been returned to us within 120 days of the day we shipped it to you, or if it is returned with unreasonable damage, you will be assessed as $25 script replacement fee.

Allow up to 10 days after submitting your form for the delivery of your perusal script.

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